VFC Sweaty Foot Care Pack

VFC Sweaty Foot Care Pack


Take care of your feet from home with this Podiatry approved DIY foot care pack.




  • Akileine Green Refresh & Deodorise Lotion 50ml: Made from Silk Lipesters, Triclosan Lavender & Essential Oil of Mint. Benefits: Regulates sweating, maintains the physiological balance of the epidermis, deodorises and prevents irritation caused by excessive moisture. Perfect for feet that are prone to sweating. Made in Monaco.
  • Akileine Antiperspirant Fresh Foot Powder 75g: Instant drying action, regulates sweating without blocking it & fungal preventative action. Best used for feet which are prone to strong perspiration and with prolonged wearing of footwear. Made in Monaco.
  • Akileine Deodorising Shoe Spray 150ml: Deodorises instantly, disinfects boots and shoes, prevents bacterial development and makes shoes last longer. Best used for feet which are prone to very strong perspiration and problems with odours. Active ingredients: Lavender, Essential Oil of Mint, Triclosan. Made in Monaco.


Also includes PDF handout with recommended usage and advice