Push Up

Chiropractors are university trained, and are concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, in particular the spine. Chiropractic treatment includes manual therapy, gentle manipulation of the spine, other joints and soft tissues; and also includes exercise prescription, rehabilitation, nutrition, health and lifestyle counselling.



















Below are just some of the Chiropractic services that we offer, including associated fees.

Initial Consultations:

Full fee- $130 

Concession- $120

Review Consultations:

Full fee- $75 

Concession- $65 

Re- Assessment:

Full fee- $90

Concession- $80

(A re-assessment will be required if you have not attended an appointment for more than 6 months) 

All Chronic Disease Management referrals will be bulk billed. If you work or study within the Parkville medical precinct then a 5% discount applies to the full fee. 


Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage (Up to 15 minutes):

Full fee- $45

Concession- $35


Massage (Up to 30 minutes):

Full fee- $75

Concession- $65